Karelia Tobacco Company Inc.

Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. is the Greeces leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter. The Company’s principal activity is the manufacturing of cigarettes and other related to tobacco products. Karelia Company became now an international Company, which exports cigarettes and tobacco products to more than 60 countries all over the World. Karelia is family-owned company and is very proud of its status and traditions. George Karelia produces a wide range of tobacco products and different brands. Karelia Company produces “Kasetina”, the archetypal Greek brand, as a part of the local heritage in Greece.

As the traditional “Kasetina” was the inspiration for the new George Karelias and Sons brand, Karelia designers used the same box structure to create a premium cigarette brand that evoked the companys long history and expertise and communicated the very high quality of the tobacco blend.