Karelia Cigarettes for ladies

The Karelia Slim line, targeted for ladies, is produced in Kallarnata, Greece, by the Karelia Tobacco Company, Inc. This super slim cigarette is not your typical, run of the mill cigarette that just anybody will smoke. It is distinctly feminine in its taste, design and of course in packaging décor. The special pricing marks it as the cigarette for the wealthy lady with a perceptive taste that is a little slice of comfort. This cigarette bears the distinct perfumed smells and flavor of the warm Greek sunshine in every smoke.
The Karelia Tobacco Company is famous worldwide for its premium varieties of cigarettes. Cigarettes are presented in three flavor versions of a different degree of strength. Glamour design and softness of tobacco emphasizes on a female audience. The southernmost city in Europe - Kallarnata in Greece is commonly known as a city where Karelia Cigarettes are fashioned. Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. S.A. is the producing of cigarettes and other related products. For today it is a important cigarette manufacturer and exporter, with the status for having created some of the most predictable brands in the world.
Founded in 1888, this family-run commerce is Greeces leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter, with a reputation for having created some of the most individual brands in the world.
Relying on the skills and knowledge of generations, Karelia guarantees the maximum standard of quality. The state-of-the-art production facilities are among the majority advanced in Europe, with a capability to produce over 15 billion cigarettes per year.
The company combines a best blend of the highest quality soft tobacco with the finest of production technology. Karelia production technology state of the art and is one of the most excellent in the world.
Karelia Slims is offered in the following varieties: Karelia Slims, Slims Lights, Slims Menthol Lights, and Slims Ultima. All of the varieties are filtered and are the longer super slim design favored by smoking ladies throughout the planet for a more delicate exterior and appeal. They were first offered in 1988 and are an all normal with no artificial additives making them a healthier cigarette over many other brands on the market currently.
Relying on the skills and experience of the decades, Karelia cigarettes insist on the highest standard of quality. The state -of-the-art production services are among the first in Europe, producing for about 15 billion cigarettes per year.These exquisite cigarettes have been created from a superior blend of tobaccos to produce a cigarette of perfection. Grown in tender beams of hot Greek sun, Karelia Cigarette possesses an irresistible bouquet of tobacco flavor. Karelia presently exports its Premium brands to over fifty countries within Greece and Europe mainly, but to North America, Asia Pacific Africa and South America also not without participation of our online shop.Recently the company started the Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd., that is, the new subsidiary in order to sell its brands on the English market.
Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. is the Greece’s leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter. The Company’s principal activity is the manufacturing of cigarettes and other linked to tobacco products. Karelia Company became now an international Company, which exports cigarettes and tobacco products over the World. Karelia is family-owned company and is very proud of its position and traditions. George Karelia produces a wide range of tobacco products and different brands. Karelia Company produces “Kasetina”, the archetypal Greek brand, as a part of the local heritage in Greece.
As the traditional “Kasetina” was the stimulation for the new George Karelias and Sons brand, Karelia designers used the same box configuration to create a premium cigarette brand that evoked the companys long history and knowledge and communicated the very high quality of the tobacco blend.
George Karelias and Sons cigarettes are mostly sold within Greece and Europe, but our online tobacco store breaks the bounds and discovers new possibilities for you. Nowadays, opportunely you may find any cigarette brand in our cigarette online shop and Karelia cigarettes are not the exception.
Growing numbers of consumers seeking lifes finer pleasures are discovering Karelias tradition of exclusive quality and unmatched flavor.

Relying on the skills and experience of generations, Karelia guarantees the highest standard of quality. The state-of-the-art production facilities are among the most advanced in Europe, with a capacity to produce over 15 billion Cigarettes per year. Karelia currently exports its premium brands to over sixty countries around the world in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East. Its products can also be purchased at selected international duty-free airport stores and border shops. The Company has recently established a new subsidiary, Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd., for the purpose of selling its brands on the English domestic market. The brand Karelia Slims was launched and distributed in all the major stores and specialist tobacconist shops.

The hard, flip top boxes are white in color with a floral stripe down the side of the box. The hard box is particularly favored by women because they easily fit inside a purse without the worry of them being crushed or broken. The Karelia name and “Slim” logo, as well as the flavor assortment are splashed across the front in gold lettering. These elements work together to make the packaging as inviting for a woman as buying a new pair of shoes. They are pretty and female to look at while silently conveying a sense of secret feminine power.