Karelia Tobacco Company

If there is any place on our planet where magnificence is true value, then it is unquestionably the Hellenic Republic, or Greece, a country of myths and legends. It was, perhaps, an inspiration for bringing Karelia Tobacco Company to this part of the world.
This world famous smoking product producer was founded by George and Stathis Karelias, in 1888, in Kalamata city, as a family-run business. Now, this cigarettes manufacturer is acclaimed as one of the major tobacco companies in Greece and the owner of most exclusive world brands.
The features that made Karelia Company known on the international tobacco market are its respect for time-stabled quality and recent technologies. The advanced equipment (the most advanced in Europe) allows producing 16,000 cigarettes per minute or more than 15 billion cigs per year.
Every tobacco trademark created by Karelia gives smokers a taste that only genuine cigarettes own. The Karelia’s exclusive pack design and of product presentation is also very important.
The prominent cigarette brands that belong to Karelia tobacco portfolio are: Karelia Slims with all its differences, George Karelias and Sons.
It is accessible on most global cigarette trades and the trademark name is recognized as of grade A. These features make Karelia Group a millionaire tobacco company that in 2005, has reached annual sales turnover of more than 435 million Euro, with net profits increased to 39.26 million Euro (+16%). Export sales have achieved a number of 10.9 billion and the cigarette brands George Karelias and Sons, Karelia Slims, Karelia Lights and American Legend have assured 70% of its overall income from 66 countries around the world.
All this sensation results from Karelia's devotion to the needs of persons that chose smoking products and teh will to offer only high quality and taste.
Karelia also owns a subsidiary in the U.K. called Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Inc. Karelia Company comprises a valid guarantee of first-class excellence and unmatched flavor for all its cigarette brands that make this producer unique in everything, starting with its policy and principles of producing till the quality and design of its cigs.